Lesson Package: 2 Lessons (6 hours)


IKO Level 1+2 (Discovery, Intermediate) Length: 6 hours



Perfect for progression. This package includes two lessons (3 hours each) tailored for skill enhancement at an exclusive rate.

We will spread this package over multiple days.

Courses included:

Lesson 1: Beginner  3 hours (2 hrs land, 1 hr water)

Lesson 2: Intermediate  3 hours (water)

The package includes all the necessary kiteboarding gear and protective equipment.

The lesson plan is flexible and adaptable. The pace at which specific kiteboarding levels are attained is determined by the individual progression of the student.

To ensure a comfortable and safe experience, participants are required to dress appropriately. This includes wearing water booties and suitable water attire, such as (depending on prevailing temperatures) a wetsuit. Refer to our FAQ for detailed recommendations.

Unlock the potential to become an IKO-certified kiteboarder through this course. An IKO certification allows you to demonstrate your skills world-wide to, e.g., rent kite equipment.

All participants must complete our liability waiver before taking this lesson.