Is there kiteboarding in Hampton Roads?

Yes, you can kiteboard in Hampton Roads. Here’s a map of the popular kite spots easily accessible by car in our area. Refer to the explanation below for what wind directions each spot works with (best in blue).

Messick Point: S, SW, SE
Belle Isle Marina: N, NE, NW (owner’s liability waiver)
Fort Monroe: S, SE, E, NE
Chic’s & Aries: NW, N, NE, E
First Landing: NE, N, NW, W
Ocean Front: N, NE, E, SE
Cape Charles: SW, W, NW

Can I learn kiteboarding in Hampton Roads?

Absolutely, learning kiteboarding in Hampton Roads is not just possible, it’s great! We have those shallow, flat stretches of water and good wind conditions. If you’re a local, it makes perfect sense to master the sport right here in the same waters you’ll be riding regularly. We provide IKO-certified kiteboarding lessons tailored to the unique conditions of Hampton Roads.

What items should I bring to my lesson?

It is essential for students to come prepared with their own water wear. This should include:

1) Water shoes or booties (We recommend Rip Curl Flash Bomb, but feel free to choose what suits you),

2) Depending on the season, a wet suit of appropriate thickness for the day. When the fall winds set in you most definitely want a wet suit. In spring, the air might already be warm but the water is often still cold which again calls for a wet suit. But usually from May to October you should be fine without a wet suit. If you go shopping, make sure to inquire about a surfing or kitesurfing wet suit. We recommend a wet suit with a front/chest zipper instead of a back zipper (they are more water-tight). Some popular brands: Rip Curl, Quicksilver, O’Neill, Xcel, Patagonia, Mystic, Billabong, Volcom. (We find a 3/4mm or 4/5mm full suit quite useful in this area during the colder months, a spring suit shorty is also handy to have).

3) Possibly sunscreen, and also bring water to stay hydrated during the lesson. The jet ski has some storage space for your personal items.

What is included with the lesson?

Our kiteboarding lessons come complete with all the necessary kiteboarding gear and protective equipment. The added advantage of jet ski support sets our lessons apart, ensuring a safe, efficient and enjoyable experience. With your personal IKO-certified instructor, you receive expert guidance tailored to your needs.
Additionally, you have the option to receive an IKO certification at no extra cost, reflecting the skill level you’ve achieved during the lesson. An IKO certification allows you to demonstrate your kiteboarding skill level worldwide and opens up the possibility to rent kiteboarding equipment at your kiteboarding destination. It is common practice for rental shops at the kite beach to require proof of skill level.

How do I book a lesson?

Ready to ride the wind with Rebel Kiteboarding? Booking your epic lesson is a breeze!

Step 1: Connect with Us

Shoot us a message through the myriad of contact options on our dedicated page. Whether it’s the traditional contact form or a DM on your favorite social media platform, we’re all ears!

Step 2: Let’s Chat

Once we get your message, we’ll kick off the conversation. We’ll chat about your experience level, preferences, and find that sweet spot in our calendars.

Step 3: Set Sail on a Date

Together, we’ll pinpoint the perfect day for your lesson. We’re all about flexible scheduling, so we’ll work around your availability and the whims of the wind.

Step 4: Get Ready for Liftoff

With the date locked in, it’s time to prepare for your kiteboarding journey. We’ll make sure you have all the info you need for a seamless adventure.

Ready to catch some waves and elevate your kiteboarding game? Let’s make it happen – reach out today!

I’ve had a lesson elsewhere, and my skill level doesn’t quite match your lesson descriptions. Can I still benefit from your lessons?

Absolutely! When you invest in our lessons, you’re securing a set number of hours dedicated to your improvement. Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior experience, we’ll meet you at your current skill level and tailor the lessons to ensure you get the maximum value from your time with us.

Can I gift a lesson to someone else?

Yes, to gift a kiteboarding lesson, simply purchase the desired lesson or package. In the optional notes during the checkout process, specify that it’s a gift and provide the name and email of the recipient. We’ll gladly send you the gift card as a PDF or mail a physical copy to your provided address, so you can deliver the gift card to the lucky person yourself.

Do lessons always happen in a single session, or can they be spread over multiple days?

At Rebel Kiteboarding, we prioritize your learning experience. Depending on factors like weather conditions and your energy levels, lessons might unfold over two sessions or days. This flexibility ensures that you get the most out of each session, progressing at a pace that suits you.

Do We Close for Winter?

Absolutely not! Rebel Kiteboarding is here to spread the stoke all year round. We’re committed to making kiteboarding accessible in every season.

However, let’s talk comfort. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience, and we know that icy winds aren’t the most fun. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend scheduling lessons when the air temperature is around 50°F or above. This ensures not just a lesson but a fantastic and comfortable experience riding with the wind. So, while we brave the elements, let’s do it when it’s most enjoyable for you!